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Conflict to Collaboration

Conflict is a normal part of relationships, brought on by our different perspectives and values.  While it's a common issue in the workplace, it must be managed, rather than ignored.  When left alone, petty issues can become ticking time bombs, ready to blow at the slightest wrong word or action.  Conflict can also have many negative impacts, including declining employee morale, productivity, quality of work, and customer service.  We haven't even begun to talk about the impact to profit and ROI.  What if you could turn conflict into collaboration?

Our Conflict to Collaboration training series includes group activities, and conflict resolution best practices for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals.  Provide your team with the tools and resources to identify conflict, address it, and help resolve it with confidence.  


Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a serious and complex issue. Consequences are serious for both the individuals involved and your company! What are you doing to inform employees and prevent it in your organization?

2017 vs 2018 Did you know…

  • Sexual harassment claims filed by employees with the EEOC jumped by 12%.
  • Sexual harassment claims filed on behalf of employees by the EEOC jumped 50%
  • EEOC-run mediation proceedings that ended in victory for the employee climbed 43%. The EEOC also recovered $70 million for harassment victims, an uptick of 22% over the prior year.
  • Traffic to the EEOC website has increased 100%

Training and information is the best prevention. This 1-hour training will answer the most common questions regarding sexual harassment and how to respond to it. We’ll discuss your organization’s reporting procedures, how to respond to a report, what to expect from an investigation, and how to move forward after a report.

Invest in your people through training, it’s much cheaper than a lawsuit and has a higher ROI! 

In-person, 3rd party training is much more effective! We offer onsite training specific to your organization.  

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