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Do you really know what your employees are thinking?

Do you really know what your employees want?

Do you really know what it's going to take to keep them?

Now more than ever employers must embrace the employee-in-control marketplace and understand the culture and conditions in the workplace that could be causing turnover and declining retention.  Understanding the root cause of turnover is a critical first step.  

The good news...most turnover is preventable!  

In matter how much you pay a person, if the culture and management isn't working, neither will they! 

Top five preventable reasons that employees quit:

#1 - Lack of career development

#2 - Lack of flexibility/work-life balance

#3 - Poor managers - unsupportive & unprofessional

#4 - Ignoring employees' personal well-being

#5 - Non-competitive pay & benefits

Take the Pulse of Your Organization...

We work with you to design a survey that is specific to your organization and specific to your occasion (all staff employee engagement survey, stay interviews, 30 day check-ins, exit interviews).  As an unbiased third-party, we work with your team to get the answers to the questions you have.  We do all the work - introducing the concept to your staff, interviewing, documenting, build the report, and provide the final product to management.  

Employee Engagement Survey

How many of your team members quit three times on the way to work, clock in, collect a paycheck and go home?  A recent Gallup poll reported that only 18 percent of your staff is actively engaged.  Different from an Employee Satisfaction Survey, an Engagement Survey determines the level of commitment your employees have vs their satisfaction with the organization.  

Stay Interviews

Stay interviews focus on the employees that have been with the organization for a specific amount of time - 1 year, 2 years, etc.  We simply start with "what is it about our organization that has kept you here?".  The answers will probably surprise you.  Stay interviews help organizations figure out what is working, why, and what can be done to make things even better.  

30 day checks

Did you know that most employees decide within the first 30 - 45 days whether or not they are going to stay? Provided with a list of new hires, we reach out to each person at the 30 day mark and take their pulse.  More often than not we can identify problems, miscommunication, or misunderstandings early enough to save the working relationship.   

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