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Recognizing that small and mid-size businesses often times lack the ability to employ an in-house or on-site human resource professional, NW MT HR Solutions, LLC was founded to fill that need.  Human Resource support and expertise is vital to the overall success of your most critical asset - your human capital.  Specializing in customize-able and flexible human resource solutions and services that will fit the needs of any organization regardless of size or industry.  

Handbook Development

Employee Handbooks - the proverbial organizational "rule book".  The development of an initial handbook can be a very daunting and overwhelming task for any organization, particularly smaller or new organizations.   The benefits of the handbook far outweigh the inconvenience and fear of development and implementation.  We will work with you to develop a handbook that is specifically designed for your organization, is compliant, and easy to implement.  


Find the right fit and hire right the first time! We provide full recruiting and interviewing services - everything from assisting with resume reviews to video or telephone interviewing, reference checking to background checks.   


Have you taken the pulse of your organization lately?  Do you really know what your employees are thinking?  Confidential Employee Engagement Surveys offer your employees a confidential platform to share their thoughts with the security of anonymity and the organization gets a confidential report.  Other surveys include benefits surveys, and departmental surveys.  

Day to Day HR

Have an HR issue?  Pick up the phone and call or send a quick email.  We pride ourselves on quick responses and solutions to the every day HR situation.  Need help with a termination?  How do I document a situation? What should I do next? You can retain our services on a monthly basis, unlimited emails, phone calls and texts.  

Employee Relations

No organization is exempt from the day to day successes, challenges, and differences of their people.  We can assist with employee conflict, team building, performance management and employee engagement.  Let us help you and your employees work through challenges, develop stronger working relationships and develop the skills to work together for the common goal of the organization.  

Training & Development

Employee training should start day one! Training is the greatest investment organizations should make in their employees. We can work with your organization to develop specialized training that meets your organizational needs.  It's much more cost effective to invest in training and retention than it is to cover the expense of replacement and turnover.  

I-9 Audits

Recently the focus on increased ICE presence and I-9 audits has created yet another time consuming and potentially costly endeavor for employers. ICE is focusing on whether or not employers have either properly completed the Form I-9 or have somehow hired individuals who are not authorized to work.

Now, you may be thinking – this could never happen at my organization. We’ve spent countless hours reviewing the proper Form I-9 audit procedure and protocol and have carefully planned our remediation steps. Unfortunately, despite these best intentions, many HR professionals fall into the irresistible trap of trying to “un-do” or ignore their past mistakes. Let us put a fresh set of eyes on your I-9’s and help prevent the long list of fines resulting from erroneous entries.   

Total Compensation Statements

Are your employee's oblivious to the real dollar value of the benefits you provide?  Do they only see the hourly wage and stop there when describing their salary?  A Total Compensation Statement or Hidden Paycheck is a personalized benefit statement that shows each employee the total investment the company makes on their behalf.  You simply provide us with the required information and we can process individual Hidden Paychecks for your employees.  

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