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Talent Assessments For All Stages of Employment

We provide organizations with the tools to Place People Predictively

To strategically deploy talent where they’re engaged and thrive at every stage of the employee lifecycle, whether it’s hiring, emerging leader selection, career pathing, professional development, or strategic workforce planning.

90% of all business problems are recruiting problems in disguise. These will go away when you have the right people in the right roles, and you'll have fewer headaches and greater production with lower cost per headcount.

Predictive Hiring & Selection

Talassure assesses a combination of reasoning or problem-solving ability and the Big 6 core behavior traits, offering a scalable way to assess characteristics that are highly predictive of job performance.

Measuring these job-related characteristics gives you a well-rounded picture of the candidate before they enter the job and leads to the highest possible relationship between assessment scores and job performance - therefore, high predictive validity.

Hire the right person for the right job, right now!

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