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NW MT HR Solutions, LLC is a licensed and insured Human Resource Consulting firm that specializes in providing customized and flexible HR & Recruitment solutions and services to organizations that lack a dedicated HR department or have a fully functional HR department that needs support.  

Our goal is to help your organization overcome the challenges associated with your greatest, yet most complicated, asset...


Our Story

NW MT HR Solutions, LLC was ideally formed with two concepts in mind.  The first was to fill the role of the HR Department for small and mid-sized organizations that lacked the resources to have an HR department on-site or in-house.  Whether there aren't quite enough employees to justify a dedicated HR professional, the budget isn't there, or you simply don't have the space, we can fulfill that role within your organization.  We assist with Recruiting, Applicant Screening/Interviewing, Reference Checking, New Employee Paperwork, Handbook Development, Conflict Management, Performance Reviews, etc.  

The other role we play is that of a collaborative partner with current in-house/on-site HR departments. We specialize in assisting with those time taxing projects such as Employee Engagement Surveys, I-9 Audits, Manager/Supervisor Reviews, Benefits Surveys, etc.   Companies who utilize a third-party to conduct surveys and reviews typically experience a higher response rate and more honest and open feedback.  

Take the Pulse

Your employees are the lifeline of your organization and in most cases they are also the biggest challenge.  Let us assist you with both the challenges and the successes.  Employees who feel heard, understood, and recognized are much more productive, efficient, and motivated.  Where do you start?  Take the pulse of your organization with a confidential Employee Engagement Survey, then work with us to develop a results oriented strategy to address issues and build on successes.   


"...I have worked with many different Human Resource Managers during my diverse career in management and business ownership.  None of them have been as dedicated and hard working as Ronda.  She impresses me with her professionalism, talent, and efficiency."

Todd Havens

Business Owner

"...Ronda has gained a reputation with her HR peers here in NW Montana as one of our most dedicated and knowledgeable HR professionals...I can say without reservation that she is one of the hardest working, most efficient professional team leaders I have served with in my 30 plus year career.  Ronda has a unique capability to resolve conflict in the workplace and succeeds by negotiating reasonable solutions with even the most difficult of personalities.  She is an excellent listener and communicator and enjoys mentoring and teaching leadership and conflict management to various organizations.  She brings a warm and often humorous approach to HR to help make the subject more interesting to those of us who are not HR professionals."

Lloy Griffing, Center Director

Sylvan Learning Center

Federal Way, WA

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